The Biggest Loser in Ararat

commandoblMinor Spoilers: The Biggest Loser is set to film in Ararat, recently branded Victoria’s most overweight community.

The show will film in late April, ahead of bringing 20 locals back to Camp Biggest Loser in Sydney for intensive training. Trainers Michelle Bridges, Shannon Ponton and the Commando (Steve Willis) will spend time in Ararat.

“We will look to include everyone in the Ararat community and make sure that anyone who wants to be a part of the show will have that opportunity to partake in the various health initiatives that we will be creating and filming over a three month period,” Executive Producer Stuart Clark said.

“We will be looking to take anywhere up to 20 locals back to the Biggest Loser house (in Sydney) to put them through the accelerated course and then have those people come back and teach the community all the things they have learnt.

“We will be in the town in one way or another for 12 weeks and will be having events such as gym sessions, classes like how to cook properly, how to cook healthy food, all of that will be done in a community sense for anyone who wants to participate.

“There are no costs to participate either, it will just be a matter of show up and be a part of it.”

The show is also looking to help those beyond the individuals who return to Camp Biggest Loser.

“We will build community groups and encourage those groups to be self-perpetuating so long after we have left this town those community pods are still living, breathing and teaching the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle.

“Some people want to come to the house, some people want to experience The Biggest Loser but because of work or family commitments or they are shy they don’t want to go down that route, but still want to be involved. There is an option for everyone.”

The Biggest Loser begins at 6:45pm tonight on TEN.

Source: Ararat Advertiser


  1. Glory Days, depends on who you mean by “we”. You, personally? A TV show? The government? Weight loss is a complicated process and The Biggest Loser’s impact on individual, let alone public health, are doubtful when considering long term success.

    This article explains a little of the physiological barriers to weight loss that I’m thinking of. There’s also some evidence that watching TBL may actually discourage viewers from exercising.

  2. Patronizing or not we have to get people moving more and eating less. By eating less that also means less crap food and no smoking

    Less sitting inside and get outside and move.

    Anyone who thinks that this is not their problem, go to a hospital and sit in th ER or one of the clinics and count how many are overweight to obese.

    Or drive down the street and see two 19 year olds walking like 80 year olds.

    Sorry, but this is a crisis now so no apologies.

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