It’s Tribal Councils like these that keep Survivor’s torch burning

surpJeff Probst called it “one of the craziest Tribal Councils ever” and he was spot on.

26 seasons on, Survivor still pulls off jaw-dropping moments, including this one that ultimately led to the exit of erratic contestant Phillip Sheppard, 54.

At Tribal Council it was a case of 7 against 3. The “three amigos” were Reynold, Malcolm and Eddie.

After Reynold won Immunity the 7 members of Phillip’s ‘Stealth R Us’ alliance decided to split the vote between Malcolm and Eddie. But that plan soon went out the window when Malcolm produced not one, but two hidden immunity idols -ensuring none of the three could be voted out.

The looks on the faces of the six was priceless and there in front of the cameras they began to whisper about which of their own had to be cut loose, completely ignoring host Probst while trying to scramble….

Meanwhile the three amigos spoke up and said Phillip was their target. Uh oh.

Phillip tried to call their bluff by suggesting both immunity idols may not be played, it would be smarter to keep them and urged his trusty team to stick to their plan. All but one did, effectively voting out one of the craziest and unlikeable players this season.

Phillip hadn’t even bothered to participate in an Immunity challenge involving water, with some wild story about an incident in his childhood (sorry, Phillip not buying it… you just don’t like to be seen to lose).

Admittedly he gave the show plenty of erratic drama.

But I sure was cheering from the couch when his flame was snuffed out.


  1. bettestreep2008

    I agree with everyone posting here – this tribal council was the best ever!

    I love seeing the arrogant ‘I’ve won this’ getting their comeuppance and Malcolm now deserves to win the title.

    However I feel unless he wins all the the other immunity challenges he will be the next to go…or will he?

    If the ‘three amigos’ were smart they should get rid of Cochran – because he’s way too clever this time around and then Eric because he has changed his vote too often to be trusted.

    If their is justice in the show – Malcolm should win this year hands down.

    Arguably one of the best played Survivors in 26 seasons – and it’s not even over.

    Sigh – isn’t it great when reality shows are actually entertaining and not rubbish like MKR and The Block?

  2. I have been a Survivor fan since the first season (even have them all on DVD) – and have to admit, this was the best Tribal Council Ever. Also agree with a few comments here about not seeing much of Brenda/Eric. Up till recently it has been more ‘The Brandon/Philip Sheppard Show’. Glad they are both gone, so now the others can get some more air-time.

  3. Brilliant tribal, superb television! I’d love a real curveball with all of this season’s ‘fans’ back for next season to see just how much fresh insight affects their gameplay.

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