Nat Geo flashback to The 80s

2013-04-19_1330Nat Geo is flashing back to the 1980s with a “global television event” featuring 5 nostalgic looks at the era that gave us the moonwalk, big shoulder pads and Dynasty.

Relive the best (and worst) music, sports, movies, TV shows, fashion and unforgettable moments of this boisterous decade

It was the decade when the future began. The first launch of the Space Shuttle triggered a technological explosion that would give birth to our modern smartphones.

In a ten-part global television event beginning Sunday May 26 at 7.30pm AEST, National Geographic Channel tells the story of the 1980s like never before with insight from music and film superstars as well as titans of technology, business, media and politics.

Madonna rolled around on stage in a wedding dress, sending shock waves through a celebrity-hungry world that can’t get enough of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry today. These and other incredible stories reveal surprising twist and compelling insights from a decade you only thought you knew.

Including interviews with:

David Hasselhoff, Jane Fonda, Michael J Fox, Darryl “Run DMC” McDaniels, Joan Collins, Linda Evans, Calvin Kein, Oliver Stone.

Daily at 7.30pm AEST from Sunday 26 May to Thursday 30 May on National Geographic channel.


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