1. carolemorrissey

    Very interesting article. I like hearing about shows and where or when they originated, even if I don’t watch them. Unfortunately shows don’t tend to last that long these days as networks are quick to axe them.

  2. is The Bold and The Beautiful an Australian tv program?? I just thought it was a US show, since i herd it mentioned on episodes of Seinfeld before.

    • Andrew and I obviously included US shows, particularly given this is the last day for Days of Our Lives. Doctor Who also isn’t Australian.

      AFHV has previously been off for other events but in the scheme of things these are but a blink. You can pass the Comment onto Andrew’s blog if you want to discuss with him.

  3. I think it’s worth pointing out that there have been many programs using the Today title before – some dating back to the 1950s and with different versions in different cities, and across different networks, but the program we now see on Nine in 2013 is the program that began in 1982.

    The earlier programs titled Today have no connection to this one other than sharing the same title.

  4. A very excellent article. It is somewhat comforting to know that a few things have lasted in this ever changing world. I have even learnt a few things, not knowing that The Golden Years of Hollywood has been on all channels and that Carols started on ten.

  5. Today began 5th May 1969 on TCN/GTV and many regionals, with Diana Ward & Tony Charlton (and a few others).

  6. Today started much earlier – in the late 60s/early 70s. Diana Ward/Mike Walsh/Tony Charlton/Brian Bury. May have only been in NSW/Vic.ACT.

  7. So many great ABC programmes in these articles. Countdown is conspicuous by its absence though. I wondered- in my mind it is a classic but perhaps didn’t meet the longevity standards for this article? It must have been quite a challenge to decide what to include here.
    Thanks for a great read.

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