Axed: Smash

2013-05-11_2317Who didn’t see this coming?

NBC musical drama Smash has been axed after two seasons.

It’s been a disappointing second season with struggling ratings in the US, and without the lead-in from The Voice it had last year it was moved to Saturday nights.

There was also the change of showrunners and major cast moves (where did Jennifer Hudson go again?).

The big-budget musical drama started off well, helped by a big lead-in from The Voice. But creatively, it couldn’t live up to the pilot and in renewing it for a second season, NBC changed showrunners after the exit of creator Theresa Rebeck.

It’s probably going to be a while before another musical drama is attempted by broadcast TV now.

Source: Deadline.


  1. It was exceptionally well done and your right David if this didnt succeed they wont try this genre again for a long , long , long time.

  2. I’m usually not one for musicals but have to agree with Kirk that this was was an excellent premise for a TV show and many of the numbers would not have been out of place in a real show.

    Don’t have PayTV so hope the second series gets to FTA sometime.

  3. That’s what disappoints me most David: the fact that the bad critical and commercial success of the series could prevent networks to greenlight similar music-driven series. The premise of Smash was interesting, but the writers and showrunner/s kept inventing drama for drama’s sake, created several horrible or cardboard characters and relying on old cliched characters to entice viewers (not to mention Katharine McPhee’s horrible acting). I still watched it because I enjoyed having a musical show on TV (besides Glee, which I’m still sort of enjoying) and the songs from Bombshell for the most part ranged from enjoyable to amazing (does anyone even understand the synopsis of Hit List?). I hope Megan Hilty gets a big break either in film, TV or Broadway ’cause she was the find of the series for me, not McPhee.

  4. I am so disappointed in this decision.It is such a pity Theresa Rebeck left as she had great ideas, and would have made the second series aven better.We heard some great songs and saqw wonderful production numbers and can only hope that Bombshell does become a musical on Broadway one day

  5. Im soooo dissappointed Smash is gone!!!! NBC should not have given up on this amazing programme. I wish ABC would pick it up!! I do hope that networks dont give up on musicals and im sure a winning formula is waiting to be picked up!!

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