‘Curry’ joke misfires for Sandy Roberts

2013-05-20_0018Veteran Seven News sports presenter Sandy Roberts is making news himself after a misfired on-air gag that is being branded as racist.

Roberts was reading results of an IPL cricket match in India when he joked they were “all going home for a very good curry!” with a bad Indian accent.

While News Limited reports Twitter has drawn a backlash, other users are warning against over-reactions.

In February Roberts had to deny speculation he was leaving Seven for FOX Footy.

“I am continuing with Seven as per my contract” he said at the time, but there is talk he could still switch when his contract expires soon.


  1. @leffy59
    That’s a good one, now that’s funny!

    And no, this was not racist, its a cheeky joke and pretty funny.
    People should just stop crying about little things, Grow! some Balls!

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