Renewed: Modern Family, Revenge, Grey’s Anatomy, Castle, Community.

2013-05-11_2345ABC (US) has renewed a slew of its dramas and comedies.

They include:

Perennial medico drama Grey’s Anatomy will continue on for a 10th season. Earlier this month, creator Shonda Rhimes said she doesn’t see season 10 as being the final run.

Comedy favourite Modern Family wins a fifth season.

Despite an uneven season Revenge, starring Emily VanCamp, is back for a third season.

Suburgatory, which airs in Australia on GO!, also has a third season.

Fantasy drama Once Upon a Time also has a third season, and a spin-off Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is approved with Australian Sophie Lowe (The Slap).

Castle had been renewed for a sixth season.

Political drama Scandal is renewed for a 3rd season.

Country music drama Nashville, yet to air in Australia has a second season.

Patricia Heaton Sitcom The Middle lands a fifth season.

Alien comedy The Neighbors gets a second season.

Meanwhile NBC has announced Community will continue on for a fifth season, obviously without Chevy Chase who left last November.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Really good news about Nashville I though it might struggle to get renewal so glad they gave it the go ahead its a very enjoyable show.

    I think scandal has a limited shelf life and they really need to story arc for x number of seasons and leave it there, I can see 3 working but I really hope they don’t drag it out past that.

  2. Grey’s Anatomy is becoming like Smallville…getting overrated and do people still watch it? I gave up on watching Revenge season 2 ages ago but glad OUAT got a third season.

  3. Revenge had some weak episodes in S2. The whole Ryan bros subplot and everything connected to it was pretty bad. The final block of episodes rated well enough that renewal was not in doubt though.

    Last week’s Retribution was as good episode and it looks like things are back on track. It was a bad time for Seven to have the episode running so late behind a fading Celebrity Splash. Will be interesting to see if Revenge regains its viewers tonight at 8:36pm.

  4. Lots of good news but most of the shows listed were likely to return anyway. Not watch GA for years, I just lost interest. Castle is still great after the lead character hooked up. It’s a shame the like of Nashville and The Neighbors are yet to find a home on local TV.

  5. Scandal is the big one right now for ABC. It has risen to a 3.2 in the past 24 hours and is the third time it has now beaten Grey’s. Its probably the best drama from broadcast TV in America right now. Grey’s is also doing very well for a 9th season. Not many shows make it to #10 and to still be very strong is great.

    Glad Once and Revenge got renewed too. These shows got struck by ABC’s poor scheduling and have had to slowly recover.

    The biggest shock for me this season has been The Neighbors. It was the one show i predicted would be cancelled first. Who would have thought it would get a renewal.

  6. Grey’s Anatomy is on fire. I’m glad it’s lasted so long. I used to be obsessed with that show, but haven’t watched since season 6. Will have to start watching again.

    Good news for Once Upon a Time.. such a good show as well.

  7. carolemorrissey

    Not surprised about Revenge, Modern Family or Scandal as they are huge hits in the US. Glad Grey’s got renewed, especially since Private Practice got axed, wasn’t sure if it would be next, so that’s good. Glad The Middle got renewed too, don’t watch the others.

  8. I`m happy to see The Middle has got another season. Woohoo. I thought they just wrapped on Season 3. So there must be a Season outstanding waiting to be shown in Australia.

  9. Suburgatory, which airs in Australia on GO!, also has a third season.

    Are you sure Go! hasn’t onsold it ? The last ep on my PVR is Body Talk on 15/4/13.
    As on Wikipedia(not the best source I know ) it says

    The series began airing on the Nine Network’s GO! Channel in Australia from February 5, 2012 until it was taken off air in 2012/2013 after poor ratings losing to 7TWO, The Comedy Channel from Foxtel now airs the sitcom

  10. The only show I watch on this list is greys. Glad it has been given another season. Don’t think its anywhere near finished especially with the doctors becoming the new owners of the hospital. Plenty new material there.

    Surprised about revenge. Did not like season 2 and gave up after a few episodes. Gave up on modern family also but that was because having too much modern family on 10 with all the repeats just put me off.

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