Rumour: Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars?

2013-05-30_0000Could we be getting Deni Hines back on our television screens?

TV Tonight is hearing whispers that Nine is exploring the possibility of an All-Stars version of Celebrity Apprentice.

The show is currently in its third celeb-incarnation (there was one non-celeb version before that) with previous seasons won by Julia Morris and Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson.

The first season was the show’s biggest success, thanks largely to Nine stripping it at 7pm and the casting of Deni Hines and Pauline Hanson. If Nine does proceed with an All-Stars version it would be nothing without Hines.

But Celebrity Apprentice impacted on Hines’ reputation with such brute force (she has 62 followers on Twitter) that it could be almost impossible to persuade her to return.  Then again, maybe it could be an opportunity to redeem herself.

Personally, I’d still like to see a non-Celeb version. I think audiences love to get to know new heroes and villains. My Kitchen Rules knows pulled numbers of over two million each night by exploiting this.

When asked about the likelihood of an All-Stars version, Nine declined to comment….

Meanwhile Stephanie Rice’s manager Titus Day has told News Limited Roxy Jacenko is waging a publicity war against his client.

“But we are getting legal advice to stop the media campaign she is running against Steph which we believe has crossed the line into defamation.”


  1. carolemorrissey

    Really don’t want to see Demi again, she was horrible.

    Roxy has been saying terrible things about Stephanie Rice on the radio and in the papers. She needs to watch herself if Steph takes legal action against her.

  2. thatsnicmeyers

    Are they so desperate that they are thinking of an All-Star version after only 3 seasons? Wow. Perhaps they should come up with better celebrities. This show is becoming another Dancing with the “Stars”.

  3. Deni was on the second season wasn’t she? I hope we don’t see her, she was really annoying.

    I would also like to see one without celebs again, seeing Andrew the original winner was nice the other night.

  4. I’ve never seen a ‘celebrity’ destroy their career quite as quickly or spectacularly as Deni Hines did on Celeb Apprentice!

  5. I am surprised Nine is even thinking of another series of it given the lacklustre ratings. Maybe it would perform better stripped to weeknights at 7. That would be my suggestion if they even bother with another series.

  6. I think an all-stars celebrity edition would be great!! And having the ever bitchy Deni Hines back would be a godsend too! She was absolutely fabulous as the Queen of bitches!! Ratings wouldn surely go over the roof!! I think ratings are down this year owing to the low grade “celebrities” they have chosen – To Whom It May Concern – more attention needed in selecting the next batch of performers….

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