Update: Bondi Rescue, Modern Family

2013-05-07_2344TEN has pulled Bondi Rescue from its Super Sunday line-up this weekend after not-so-super numbers of 473,000 on Sunday (it nevertheless lifted on its Simpsons lead-in of 433,000).

This Sunday TEN has added two new episodes of Modern Family at 6:30pm.

Update: Bondi Rescue returns Sunday May 19 following new Simpsons.

Furthermore TEN has added a new episode of Modern Family to 7:30pm next Wednesday followed by a repeat. The network has billed both blocks as ‘All New Modern Family‘ but the fourth episode “The Musical Man” aired in 2011.

On Wednesday 22nd Biggest Loser airs at 7:30.

This makes life very tricky for Modern Family viewers to stay on top of new episodes.


  1. MF is one show I like, that I find very hard to keep track of. There are episodes I’ve never seen then there are some I’ve seen at least 3 times. This is making it any easier.

  2. @ Carolemorrisey, Rules of engagement and The New Normal return on Eleven Tuesday May 21st with Rules on at 7:30 and New Normal at 8.

    Also for anyone wondering the new season of Nurse Jackie which started about a month ago in the US, replaces Californication from Monday May 20 at 10:30 pm.

  3. carolemorrissey

    I like Modern Family, but instead of having 3 new episodes in a week, maybe bring back New Girl or something. They’ve also got Last Man Standing, The New Normal and Rules Of Engagement, that hasn’t been on for ages.

  4. And they wonder why people give up on a show. Programmers, please give us some consistency.

    It used to be easy to program a Season Pass on TiVo so you wouldn’t miss a show because you could choose between repeats, new or both. Now the sneaky channels seem to put 2013 in the EPG for new and some repeats.

  5. This would not be the first time, or the third, that TEN has promoted Modern Family eps as “new” when they’ve been repeats.
    @R0bberD0g – “Tonight” is not “next Wednesday”. “Next Wednesday” is…next Wednesday.

  6. Is New Simpsons still on for this Sunday? As it’s the episode where Danny De Vito reprises his character Unky Herb Powell in a cameo role.

    I take it New Simpsons will be out May 19?

  7. daveinprogress

    “This makes life very tricky for Modern Family viewers to stay on top of new episodes”

    Not with you always on top of the info, David. It is always appreciated how you diseminate changes and the latest news. This reader thanks you.

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