Where to for Rove LA and Project Runway Australia?

ROVE LA Still no word on two ‘local’ productions returning to Foxtel this year: Rove LA and Project Runway Australia.

When Foxtel announced its highlights for 2013 earlier this year it indicated it was in discussions on both shows.

Last week a Foxtel spokesperson told TV Tonight there was no change yet, with both shows still under discussion.

Project Runway Australia struggled to cut through last year and would be considered a long-shot for renewal while Rove McManus still attracts interest, as evidenced by his appearance in Who Do You Think You Are? on SBS, as well as his ability to deliver some good Hollywood names.


  1. I loved Rove LA..He really did pull the big names, and because they could swear on his show, they told far more outrageous and interesting stories than they normally do on a free to air tonight show…
    Jeff Probst was outrageous on Rove..I had never seen him like that before, and I liked him so much more.So hope a new series is made.

  2. I do hope Rove returns as he is a terrific host, and really the only Australian (comedy styled) talk show. And given it was in the Top 20 every Sunday, it isn’t a bad business decision either.

  3. I have heard no news about Gruan Transfer/Plant either. I was pretty sure Russell taking the job at Chanel 10, he may not be back for it but it would be missed if the show did not come back. David have you heard anything?

  4. Wish Rove LA was also on FTA, fun show and he seemed to tone down the Aussie stuff in the 2nd year. Not that I hate it but enough already with the Vegemite and kangaroos!

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