60 Minutes: June 30

lcu2Well this is bizarre…

Both 60 Minutes and Sunday Night have stories on older women becoming mothers later in life, and both reference Lisa Curry.

Ghost Cities
We have a lot to thank our Chinese neighbours for. The Communist giant’s remarkable boom has shielded us here in Australia from the worst of the global economic downturn. Our mineral resources are fuelling a rush of urban development across China that is simply mind-boggling. Vast new megacities, bigger than London or New York are shooting up all over the country at a rate of 20 a year. But there are disturbing signs that the bubble is about to burst. Take a visit to some of these mega-cities and you’ll find them bizarrely empty. Brand new, shiny, ghost towns.
Reporter: Michael Usher
Producer: Stephen Rice

Late Bloomers
If you were one of those people shocked by the news that Lisa Curry was planning to have a baby at age 51 – take a deep breath. The former Olympic swim champ is part of a growing trend. In fact, at 51, she’s a mere pup compared to many older women taking the plunge into parenthood. Many women closer to 60 or even 70 are having babies, thanks to advances in medical science. As far as they’re concerned, it’s no-one else’s business that they’re becoming mothers, when other women their age are becoming grandmothers. All well and good, but what about their kids?
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Stephen Rice

Hugh and Deb
Nobody’s perfect. But you have to admit Hugh Jackman comes pretty close. He’s the boy from Oz who quietly conquered Hollywood and Broadway to become a global superstar. An Oscar-nominated actor, who can sing and dance. Or just as easily turn muscle-bound action hero as star of the Wolverine films. And along with all the accolades, Jackman has earned the title of the nicest guy ever to make the A-list. But if anyone knows the imperfections of this perfect gentleman it’s his wife of 17 years Deborra-Lee Furness. ATara Brown discovered, when you get Hugh and Deb together for an interview, it feels more like a chat over the back fence with your favourite neighbours.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Stephen Taylor, Phil Goyen

7:30pm Sunday on Nine.


  1. If you were 40 when you had your kids that’s not considered ‘old’, the story was talking about women in their late 50’s and 60’s having kids so hence the concern about not living very long after the children are born.

  2. China? Done – Stephen McDonald did an excellent “Foreign Correspondent” recently on this.
    I’m 68, my two daughters are 18 & 19. I plan to be around another 20 years hopefully, “All well and good, but what about their kids”. Yeah, what about them? Both at UOW (uni) doing Law & Medicine. Finding something offensive here.
    Hugh Jackman…again? New movie or show coming out?
    Over time I’ve gone from “must watch” to “never watch” 60M.

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