Stephanie Rice wins Celebrity Apprentice 2013

stephrToday show reporter Stephanie Rice has won Celebrity Apprentice 2013.

The sports and health reporter defeated athlete John Steffensen, marketing businesswoman Roxy Jacenko and boxing champ Jeff Fenech.

Boss Mark Bouris had to choose between ‘Steff’ and ‘Steffo’ after a charity challenge in which all four helped Don Bosco House.

Rice won $100,000 for her favourite charity but offered $10,000 towards causes supported by 4 former Apprentice contestants who walked away without any money for their charities. It was a generous offer.

The third season has been criticised by former contestants who have questioned the show’s tactics in putting its participants through the wringer, just for the cameras.

Brian Mannix  told News Limited, “It wasn’t fun at all. If you like arguing, cracking the shits and being a bitch then you’d love it but I found the whole experience a bit morally bankrupt.

“I had issues with some of the moral standards of the show.”

Peter Everett later told, “I was staying with some friends in Sydney and honestly, I was coming home saying ‘please don’t make me go back there, please don’t make me go back’.

“I was severely depleted, I was getting sick and trying to pull energy out of nowhere and added with the emotional side, it was hard core. I’m not used to it.

“I was sitting in front of Mr Bouris for most of the boardrooms thinking please, please, please sack me.”


  1. In the last challenge Jeff Fenech & John Stephenson have done the most for the Don Bosco’s house being very good role models, motivational & personal coaches. Roxy has done a lot looking at the material side of things, Stephanie has done better comparing to other challenges, she has improved a bit but to win ??
    To shine in one challenge and to be the winner, come on 🙁
    John really deserved based not only on the last challenge but throughout the show.

  2. This really wasn’t event television. Compared with the US Celebrity Apprentice the local version is extremely poor.

    Now with Great Australian Bakeoff, Australia’s Got Talent and Big Brother, I think that Nine will rest Celebrity Apprentice and The Block: All Stars in 2014.

  3. carolemorrissey

    So glad Roxy didn’t win, couldn’t stand her from the start. As for everyone saying a ch 9 personality won, it is the first time someone from ch 9 won. I would have been happy with any of the final contestants winning apart from Roxy. I don’t understand why we don’t do the finale like they do in the US version, they know how to do it. They have it live for a start and get all the former contestants back and all their families and announce the winner with all the fanfare. Ours is very lacklustre the way they do it.

  4. I loved the non-celebrity versions and thought the first Celebrity one was decent enough. But ever since the contrivedness of Hoff-gate in season 2, I’ve not cared to watch at all.

  5. Secret Squirrel

    Ha, people have been bitching about this series for a while but still kept on watching (and bitching). If enough of you keep watching Nine won’t actually need to change a thing.

  6. dick casablancas

    The task, while for a very worthy cause, was very boring to watch!

    Most of the finales of Apprentice (US, All-Star and normal) are fundraising challenges, which if it was, would have seen Roxy win as we have seen she did very well in the past fundraising challenge.

    Thinking that Nine really wanted Stef to win this one, even when she didn’t deserve it.

  7. Dull and boring episode..I taped it and fast forwarded most of it.Whata surprise that a channel 9 “personality” won!!!!!
    Bouris’s excuse for not giving the prize to Roxy was pathetic.He said she couldn’t be moulded as an apprentice..that was rubbish.

  8. Very amusing interview this morning on the Today program where Stephanie told Karl and Lisa about the two endings which were filmed with both of them being titled as the winner. She went on to say how confused her and John Steffensen were that alternate endings were needed. Lisa then quickly cut her off and changed the topic. Another reminder how mechanical these shows are, there is no authenticity at all, everything is staged!

  9. I missed the last 10 minutes of the show because I recorded it without a buffer (and it was 10 minutes starting late). But Bouris was very ageist in his approach. Why bother having legends such as Fenech and Fraser on if you’re just going to use the “too old” line on them.

  10. Well, that was 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back.

    There is no way Stephanie deserved to win, particularly not over a powerhouse like Roxy. Very disappointing.

    I agree with others, a non celeb series would be great.

  11. jezza the first original one

    Yeah a non celeb version would be good. Fill it with folk in ego driven jobs and watch the sparks fly naturally. I would cast, an estate agent/auctioneer, a car sales person, a personal trainer, a footy coach, a lawyer, just to get the ball rolling

  12. I suppose the only positive out of the series is that some charities received a financial gift. I don’t think any of the “celebrities” deserved to win. It was a bitchfest from start to finish.

    • I agree finale was totally dull. It was like an episode of Random Acts of Kindness meets Secret Millionaire. Where was the tension? Where was the pressure of finalists cracking at the 11th hour? Bring in a non-celebrity version and you will see that.

  13. This was the most boring episode this season and probably the most boring finale of any reality series ever! I do not understand why American formats are bought,the best bits discarded and a hybrid version of the bad bits created. Dies anyone know why they always have a final four as opposed to a final two?

  14. Don’t think I’ve ever seen such an odd season of a reality show. The challenges really seemed like nothing, particularly the final one. What was that? And it seemed like they decided Rice was to win without giving her a winners edit. The viewers saw nothing outstanding from her.
    It also reeked of ageism, with Dawn Fraser ‘graciously stepping aside’ for the younger ones last week and Jeff Fenech being told he was great but the young ones would benefit more from winning.
    The logic applied to Roxy Jacenko – who was clearly the most able of the lot – for not winning was similar. She would not benefit from winning because she was already skilled. Hello? It was the contestant’s charity who benefited. These celebrities weren’t going to be working for Mark Bouris.
    And really don’t get me started on the contrived sexism, ‘women are bitches’ message of the show. At a time when the country feels it OK to be viciously nasty to our female PM in overt gender based ways, we did not need this.

  15. Can we please have a non-celebrity version next time. This season was a giant snoozefest culminating in one of the most boring finales I have ever seen.

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