Vale: Maureen Duval

2013-06-27_1751Veteran presenter Maureen Duval, best known for Good Morning Sydney and Beauty And The Beast, has died.

Duval hosted more than 3000 episodes of TEN’s Sydney-based morning show Good Morning Sydney from 1978 to 1989 where she interviewed Sir David Attenborough, Leslie Caron, Sir Robert Helpmann and George Hamilton.

She was later a regular on Foxtel’s Beauty And The Beast.

Network TEN Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “Maureen was a pioneer of the Australian television industry and had a long association with TEN, including many years as the host of Good Morning Sydney. She was the consummate professional and paved the way for many other television hosts.

“Our thoughts are with Maureen’s family at this very sad time. She will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her.”

Foxtel’s director of television Brian Walsh told Fairfax, “Maureen Duval was unmatched for integrity, dignity and style.

“Her warm and generous humour was her trademark, as was her humility and compassion.

“I had the great pleasure of working with her at Channel TEN in the 1980s when she hosted Good Morning Sydney and later, at Foxtel, she was one of my first choices to re-launch the panel talk show Beauty And The Beast.

“Maureen was the moral compass of the series and always delivered sober and sensible advice in what was often, a bunker of heated debate.

“Class never goes out of style and Maureen Duval certainly never did. That will be her legacy.”

Duval was also a former Miss Australia winner as well as the face of David Jones department store for 16 years.

She is survived by her husband, her four sons -including FOX Sports CEO Patrick Delany- and 10 grand-children.


  1. So sad to hear this. I remember doing work experience at channel 10 many years ago and meeting her before the taping of Good Morning Sydney. She was so nice to me. Her banter with Andrew Harwood was classic television

  2. daveinprogress

    She was a classy dame – all the way. Maureen must have been in her late 80’s? A face that graced our screens for many many years.


    Classic Maureen. The whole clip is hilarious. For once it isn’t Stan that shocks her with what is said. Also features a young Johanna Griggs who can’t stop laughing.

    • Yes easy to get a bit nostalgic for a classic format. But in the current climate it would be hard to revive without claims of stereotyping etc. Plus we all knew the letters were drafted by writers. I think it’s now morphed into the panel discussions we see on Sunrise, The Morning Show, Mornings etc.

  4. Sorry to hear of this, she was a lovely lady. I enjoyed her on Good Morning Sydney and Beauty and the Beast putting up with Stan all the time.
    I remember her going on about how she hated having four boys but we all knew she didn’t mean it and loved her boys to bits!

  5. One afternoon, Mauzie and Stan were arguing over discounted bus tickets for pensioners. Naturally, Stan was dead against it (or so was the character he played) and of course, lovely, docile Maureen was for it!


    Just trying to get a stir, Stan kept pushing Maureen’s buttons, exclaiming it should be “means tested” lol.

    Maureen so innocently asks “Excuse me Stan! I’m a senior citizen. You mean tell me you don’t think it’s right I get cheaper bus fare?”

    Stan: No

    Maureen: And why not?

    Stan: Jeezus Mauzie, with you and your husbands pay, you could buy the whole bloody bus company.

    LOL. They all burst into laughter, Maureen laughed it off too… she was great on Beauty & the Beast.

    Sad news but that silly story made me smile!

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