Auditions: When Love Comes to Town

2013-07-21_0120Move over The Bachelor, Nine has announced a new dating show to screen in 2014, When Love Comes to Town.

Based on the Norwegian dating show Babes on the Bus (pictured) the Southern Star series will see 12 single girls from the city to regional towns to meet eligible bachelors.

The Sunday Telegraph reports they will meet the bachelors’ families and social groups and learn about life in their local communities before deciding whether to stay on and pursue a possible relationship, or get back on board the bus and try to find love in the next town. The aim of the format is to end with an empty bus.

No host has been confirmed.

A casting website is already calling for singles:

When Love Comes To Town is not a competition and there is no prize money. The heart-warming series gives single men and women the opportunity to meet others who are on a quest to find a lifelong partner.

We’re looking for:

Single men who are resident in regional Australia

Single women who are resident in a capital city.

You can apply here.


  1. Now if people comment here and say ”oh this sounds like a good show”” which i’ll assure you it doesn’t, then why are people so much against ch 10 doing The Bachelor.

    This is exactly the same premise as the bachelor…single women and men meeting up!!

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