MasterChef Australia: Spoiler

2013-07-15_1432This info comes from TEN’s own media highlights, so I’m not telling you anything they aren’t.

But next week an eliminated MasterChef contestant will get to return to the fold. Four returning contestants will compete to reclaim their spot in the competition.

7:30pm Sunday July 21
We are down to the top 10 on MasterChef Australia and with the home straight in sight, the energy is high. As the contestants meet the judges in the MasterChef kitchen they are told there is no elimination this week and there is an immunity pin up for grabs. To win, they must beat everyone else standing in the kitchen and,most of all, they need consistency.

Fail at one challenge this week and contestants are out of the running for immunity.

Round one sees a spice grinding skills test where one contestant drops out of the running. But in true MasterChef style the judges announce a bittersweet twist that no one saw coming. By the end of the week a previously eliminated contestant will return to the competition. Each of the nine contestants left standing is then paired with a returning contestant, who will be their cooking partner for the week.

In round two each pair will cook with two Chinese ingredients. The two pairs with the least impressive dishes will be banished to the gantry, dashing their hopes for immunity and a chance to return to the competition.


  1. Great twist to get the survivors on board by having them fight with an eliminated contestant with some reward for themselves for winning.

  2. carolemorrissey

    Yeah I saw the promo after last nights show about the returning contestants. Judging from previous years when they have done this, it usually does not go down well and there is usually resentment.

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