Seven picks up Agent Anna from NZ

2013-07-31_0157Seven has picked up NZ dramedy Agent Anna, devised by and starring actress Robyn Malcolm (Outrageous Fortune, Top of the Lake).

The 6 part series aired on TV One in January.

“I’ve got a New Zealand show that’s airing on Channel Seven at some point. I made a little show called Agent Anna about this middle-class divorcee who tries to sell real estate,” she told TV Tonight.

“It’s kind of a weird Office / Parks and Recreation / Enlightened bonkers show about a dysfunctional woman and Seven have bought it.”

It also features Adam Gardiner, Theresa Healey and Roy Billing.

NZ content also attracts local content points when screened on Australian networks, although Seven has only screened factual shows in recent years.

“I don’t think we’re quite so generous to Aussie shows here (in NZ) and I wish we would be,” Malcolm said.

She will soon be seen in ABC’s Upper Middle Bogan and resumes filming Rake shortly.

No airdate for Agent Anna has yet been announced.


  1. Secret Squirrel

    Enjoyed the first few seasons of Outrageous Fortune and liked what I’ve seen of Robyn Malcolm in other things so will give this a look. I’ll set my PVR for 10:45pm on Tuesdays…

  2. “I made a little show… about this middle-class divorcee who tries to sell real estate,”

    Which reminds me: whatever happened to Cougar Town?

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