Underbelly: Squizzy and Castle soon

2013-07-05_2334After promoting this one far too early, it looks like Underbelly: Squizzy is finally going to get an airdate.

Nine has stepped up its promotion of the show, finally moving to media previews. Maybe it will replace House Husbands…?

Meanwhile Seven is also poised to return Castle, picking up from Season 5 Episode 14: “Reality Star Struck.”


  1. Wont be watching Squizzy, why is it channel 9 find a good programme and then flog it to death, how many more underbelly’s can the try and find, really a pathetic channel these days and with the American hedge funds being in control how much of the profits stay in Australia?

  2. @ alvar

    I don’t know if it’s safe to admit these things. But some shows are just a fun light piece of entertainment. Not an obsession. So if it shows up at a reasonably predictable day and time then I will show up for it. That and if I can’t occasionally see it then I appreciate the double episodes. It’s not a show I view as a must see it as soon as possible nor even in order. And even if some are I guess I’ve been trained to wait.

    If you think it’s bad now I’ll point out Star Trek: The Next Generation first aired in the U.S. in 1987. It didn’t air here until late 1991. Back then I had Science Fiction Magazines to inform me of this fact. Also most of the first season I saw in 1989 because they released it on video. So you think months of waiting is bad?

    That said they could break me when it comes to Castle. For instance I don’t watch it when they put it on Mondays. Also crazy start time syndrome could one day get to me. It was smart of them to pair it with Downton however at least in my case. But I don’t claim to be typical.

  3. @A

    Fair enough Castle is not fasttracked, but are you telling me that you are happy with the on again, off again treatment of the show? A handful of episodes were screened late 2012, then another handful at the beginning of the year and now its coming back with (hopefully) the remaining episodes of season 5. Networks should commit to screening a whole season consecutively and then roll in their new programs. I don’t know how anyone could keep up with this crazy programming. Castle used to rate really well in a 9.30 slot and now struggles to crack 500,000 viewers.

  4. @James, The Mentalist episodes next Sunday are the final two of Season 5 that we have been waiting weeks to see…..

    @deedeedragons – GABO??

  5. I won’t be shocked if the new Underbelly shows up on Sunday nights as David suggests.

    Also it’ll be nice to see Castle. Not everyone is in a hurry about every show. I’m curious how many more episodes does A Place to Call Home have left?

  6. Anyone who really cared about Castle, How I Met Your Mother or any other US show has probably seen it already. Who can keep up with this erratic scheduling?

  7. Seven doesn’t treat Bones or Castle very well, both shows are less than 2 months from their new seasons starting in the US… and the wonder why fans go else where.

    I haven’t watched Underbelly since season 1.

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