US casting news: NCIS, Glee, Parks and Recreation.

2013-07-13_0106A bit of a casting round-up from the US….

Cote de Pablo is leaving NCIS after eight years.

de Pablo has been a regular ” as agent Ziva David since Season 3, and after her contract expired at the end of Season 10, was the only cast member who remained unsigned for Season 11.

However she will reportedly appear long enough to conclude her character’s storyline, and is confirmed to appear in the season premiere.

American Idol‘s Adam Lambert is joining Glee.

“I am thrilled to announce that the super talented Adam Lambert is joining the cast of Glee this fall,” Ryan Murphy announced.

Details of who Lambert will be playing remain unclear. Representatives for studio 20th Century Fox Television and FOX did not immediately have details on whether the role is a series regular, recurring or guest spot.

After shooting the Veronica Mars movie, Kristen Bell will guest-star in an episode of Parks and Recreation as Ingrid, a snooty City Councilwoman from Eagleton. “She’s Leslie’s equivalent, but richer and better dressed,” executive producer Michael Schur said.

Source: Huffington Post, Billboard, EW


  1. Just read on the internet that Cory Monteith has passed away. Only 31 years of age. Found dead in his hotel room. Thats really sad

  2. I always thought the Ziva character had tremendous potential that unfortunately got sidetracked. I was hoping Ziva would develop along the lines of Maggie Hayward (Bridget Fonda) in The Assassin (Point of no Return) but the dalliance with DiNozzo appeared little more than a nod to hold female viewers.

    There’s just something about small females with very large guns that grabs my attention.

  3. Not happy about Ziva leaving – she’s integral to the show. Will be very hard if not almost impossible to replace her. And with the ratings it’s getting now it could go for another five or six seasons.

  4. Really going to miss Cote/Ziva 🙁 . I also hope they don’t kill her off, just wrap up storylines. I have a storyline they can wrap up – Tony/Ziva. How about make it so they are together which is why Ziva has to leave so they aren’t breaking Gibbs’ rules by dating & being on the same team together? (presuming the team gets back together :P)

  5. What character’s storyline? Ziva’s spent 8 years flirting with Tony and mixing up idioms.

    She has part in the current cross summer arc though that needs to be ended. Where she went on a quest for revenge with Vance’s support.

  6. Bummer Ziva is leaving.She was way better than the boring Kate.
    They should get Kim Raver as a replacement and she can play the character Paris Summerskill she played in NCIS : LA and was going to play in NCIS : Red.

  7. Love Cote de Pablo on NCIS, really wish she wasn’t leaving and I hope they don’t kill her off like they seem to do with a lot of the cast.

    Might have to catch up with P&R just to see Kristen Bell on the show!

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