Nine flashes back to ’80s ident “Still the One”

Nine has gone all out for its Amazing 80s special tonight, with an 80s-style Big Brother episode (that’s one major cross-promo) but more amusingly has dug into the archives to run an old Channel Nine ident.

Ahh there were some classics.

That music makes me very sentimental…. what time is Bert on?

As you can see they’ve also had to adjust the clip to fit a 16×9 frame.

Tonight’s doco is a mix of National Geographic plus Nine original interviews.


  1. It was great to see that old channel 9 ident again. It was a time when the station had much more of a showbiz feel about it than what it does today.
    At the very end of the ident on the last musical sting, our family sitting around the TV watching it used to sing out loud the words “Young Talent Time” haha. Even though YTT was on Ten we used to think that was hilarious to sing out loud. Brought back great memories seeing that again.

  2. This looks very similar to “The 80s – The Decade That Made Us” which I rather enjoyed recently. If it is I hope Channel 9 doesn’t edit out the Rob Lowe narration.

  3. A pity the Nine Promos Dept seemingly ripped their old idents them Youtube. Surely a phonecall to their Archives Dept would have seen them use broadcast quality copies?

  4. carolemorrissey

    Really looking forward to this show, should bring back many memories. The 80’s is when I had just left school and was just starting life as an adult.

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