Oops. Dog takes dump on Big Brother.

bbdogForget about turkey slaps…

You would think with the 300 staff working on Big Brother that someone would have noticed the resident dog taking a dump on the left of the screen.

Everyone’s a critic.

On my HD television I could even see the fumes wafting from his steaming pile…

Did someone say steaming pile?


  1. @carolmorrissey – Did you watch a different show? Delilah went in the house plenty of times! That’s where she slept, on various housemates beds. She would also visit the diary room regularly, most times with Stacey.

  2. Makes me wonder how bad the UK and Us versions are then. Everything I’ve read from Big Brother fans around the world says that our version is by far the best. I know of at least one American that gets up early just to find out who gets evicted from our house, in real time, every week.

    Think that this year’s housemates are a lot better than last years. And Big Brother is really good at replying to fans tweets as well.

  3. I just assumed they put the shot in purposely to get a cheap laugh. It’s framed strangely if the dog was only there by accident (the housemates aren’t even centred).

  4. why not give Grant his own weekday sports news show, surely they can find them time in between there other news programs for another news program…

  5. carolemorrissey

    It’s disgusting, it shits & pisses all over the house too. They should house train him or not have him in the house. Last year the dog didn’t go in the house, he had a separate part of the back yard where they kept him.

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