Peter Meakin joins TEN

2013-08-16_1439Former Seven News boss Peter Meakin has joined TEN as Executive Director of News and Current Affairs.

He will be responsible for the network’s News and Current Affairs programming and reports to Chief Executive Officer, Hamish McLennan. TEN’s Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery, will now report to Meakin.

Hamish McLennan said: “Peter is a legend of the Australian television industry and the best television news and current affairs executive this country has ever produced.

“Across a career that has spanned more than four decades, Peter has changed the way news and current affairs are presented on television and has been the driving force behind myriad iconic programs.

“He has an extraordinary news sense and an ability to bring stories to viewers that no one else in Australia can match. Peter’s appointment to TEN further demonstrates our commitment to employing industry-best talent. It also marks a new era in the way we will develop, produce and present our news and current affairs programs.”

Peter Meakin said: “It was a great 10 years at Seven, but nothing lasts forever.

“TEN and Hamish are ultra-keen for the network to make a bigger name for itself in news and public affairs. I am really excited to be part of that initiative.

“I have many friends at TEN, whose work I value highly. My challenge is to give good people the opportunity to perform even better,” he said.

Prior to his time at Seven Peter Meakin had 30 years at Nine Network, where he was responsible for programs such as National Nine News, 60 Minutes, A Current Affair, Sunday and Today. At Seven he was responsible for Seven News, Today Tonight, Sunday Night, Sunrise and other programs.


  1. My sources tell me Peter Meakin’s appointment at Ten is purely a short term marketing ploy.. to tell the market Ten is serious about News. Its already paid for itself. Now stand by for a bigger bombshell out of Melbourne.

  2. @Jennome – Ditto. News may not have always been ready by 6pm, hence those long Road Safety filler PSAs that would appear on TEN at 5:59, but it was always news worth waiting for.

  3. Peter was my boss at TEN and he was indeed a terrific news editor, barely in his mid 20s. So like me, he’s in the Methuselah range.

    So, back where it all began – good luck to him!

  4. Seems like everyone is going to channel ten. speaking of which Adam Boland said in the Age that his new show wont be starting until November, because they have to run some underground cables or something to the manly shack where they are filming wake up.

  5. Would love Sandra to return to Late News @deedeedragons but it’s never going to happen unfortunately.

    Snapping up Meakin is a huge coup for Ten. Hopefully he steers the news department to great heights and uses people like Sandra, Hugh Riminton, John Hill to their full potential.

  6. carolemorrissey

    Wow, another one to leave ch 7. They’re all deserting it. Who’s next? Wonder why so many people are leaving a successful network to go to one that doesn’t even come 3rd in ratings. Will be interesting to see how his shows go.

  7. If he was at the helm of Today Tonight a few years back when it was a huge success then Ten have made an excellent decision. Maybe he can give the chill back to “Wanted” and make it more in line with Seven’s version when it was more entertaining and gripping.

  8. Prior to joining Nine he was at TEN Sydney. From day #1. Eyewitness News, Live Eye, Harry Potter, Katrina Lee, Eric Walters, Steve Raymond. Was a fantastic team.

  9. Here we go….Let the pillage of the newsrooms continue…All Ten needs now is a Sunday night current affairs show. They can call it 60 Minutes on Sunday Night.

  10. [email protected]

    this guy is truly going to make Ten a proper alternative for news and current affairs, lets hope ten news is of higher quality too

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