X Factor’s Jiordan Tolli makes Neighbours return

P1180313X Factor singer Jiordan Tolli, who played Neighbours toddler Louise “Lolly” Carpenter for seven years, will make a guest appearance on the soap in October, to re-unite with her on-screen father played by actor Tom Oliver.

Tolli first appeared on the show as a baby but now at 19 is part of Redfoo’s under 24 female vocalists on The X Factor.

She returns to mark Lou Carpenter’s 70th birthday which coincided with Oliver’s 50th anniversary in the television and film industry. He is the longest serving member of the soap’s cast.

“I spent a big part of childhood on the show so it felt very comfortable coming back to the studios to film the episode,” Tolli said.

“At the time, Lou was married to Cheryl and I put to the writers the idea of a woman having a child later in life and some of the risks involved,” said Tom. “The result was this lovely young lady.

BLUESCREEN - LOU&LOL4“I had a wonderful time on the show and just remember it always being fun, however after seven years, my parents felt it was time for me to go to school full-time like regular kids which was the right decision.”

Tom Oliver said, “It’s wonderful to have her back on set and she is almost taller than me so it’s lucky I don’t have to carry her around like I did in the early days.”

Oliver recently spoke to TV Tonight about his career.


  1. @jimbok, Adelaide Kane’s acting was notoriously bad, which is why her contract wasn’t extended past 3 months. Hopefully it has improved immensely since she has been cast in American CW series Reign.

  2. Good to see her return to the show, even if it is just for a guest appearance.

    Surprised that Adelaide Kane didn’t get this role. She played this character for a few months a few years back.

    On a side note – how good does Lou look. He hasn’t aged much over the years. And I just found out that he is 75 years old in ”real life”. He’s celebrating his 70th on the show. Impressing.

  3. Wow. I knew the name Jordan Tolli sounded familiar, but I didn’t put it together that the X Factor contestant was the young Louise in Nieghbours. Hopefully they go back to calling her Louise, as Lolly was a nick name coined by her mother Cheryl. This is great news. It happens alot on US Soaps but it’s rare in Aussie Soaps that an original actor would return after their character was played by some one else. Lolly was played as a teen ager by Adelaide Kane. I’m loving Jordan in The X Factor btw.

  4. carolemorrissey

    Lauren’s currently in the show being played by someone else. It will be great to see Lolly all grown up. Bet she won’t want to be called Lolly any more, being a teenager.

  5. This is great news! I love Jiordan’s voice. Let’s hope she stays longer in the X Factor competition and Redfoo picks the right songs for her. Not a fan of her song choice last Sunday.

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