Charlotte Dawson quitting TV

2013-09-02_0109Australia’s Next Top Model judge Charlotte Dawson has announced she is quitting television because it’s too nasty and negative.

Dawson told News Corp: “I’m tired of the anxiety that comes with working in media, especially as a woman, because you’re scrutinised daily, and abused about the way you look.

“I’m ageing and I’m accepting that. The graceful thing, the dignified thing, is to walk away.”

After winding up current commitments she will focus on her new role at Regency Real Estate in Sydney.

“The pressure has lifted off my shoulders. It’s given me great piece of mind,” Dawson said.

“It’s time to be respectful to myself.

“My goal is to have a sense of well-being and quality of life.’

The former Celebrity Apprentice contestant has attracted headlines across the last year largely for her use of social media, and becoming embroiled in a number of online feuds. One of those led to her being hospitalised.

In July she  announced she was standing down as an ambassador on cyber-bullying, following criticism for taking robust Facebook comments directed at her to the employer of the account user.

She also recently told TV Tonight that people who criticised her role as a Top Model villain hadn’t watched the show. The latest announcement is a reversal of the position she held in July:

“I started a new job this week working in real estate as an adjunct to my media career. It’s very much behind the scenes but it’s very exciting and very busy,” she said.

“But my main commitment is to Foxtel. That’s my #1 commitment but I decided that I’d like to venture into another career as well.”

Last week she joined country music stars Morgan Evans and McAlister Kemp in Ballarat as part of the Country Music Channel (CMC) team in The Variety Bash 2013.


  1. Instead of quitting tv perhaps sign out of twitter for 5 minutes and stop engaging with fools. Difficult to feel sympathy for someone who seems to dish out plenty of nastiness and runs to the media constantly.

  2. I can’t think of anyone else in the local industry – or NZ – who attracts negativity quite like Charlotte. When she retires from TV will she also delete her Twitter account and Confidential from speed dial?

    • Charlotte has always used good humour for her TV role, but social media experience has been more troublesome. She recently announced she was leaving Twitter after they said “go kill yourself” tweets were not a breach of Twitter Rules. To clarify: they were not sent to or by her, but it’s impossible hard to defend that kind of policy.

  3. The ‘graceful thing, the dignified thing’ is to not reach out to the press every two weeks, regular as clockwork. Her look at me, look at me – I just want to be left alone and out of the limelight routine is getting tiresome.

  4. It would be a lot easier to take this with any kind of gravitas if Charlotte herself hadn’t contributed to the nastiness and negativeness. I totally agree with her statements, there is way too much emphasis put on people’s appearances and I don’t like all the abuse that is thrown about at people in the public eye. It’s just a shame that Charlotte can’t see that she has played her part in this culture.

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