Election night 2013: gallery

elc6TV networks all did an admirable job of covering Election Night 2013 (that result is too close to call).

I saw hefty slices of most networks, except for SBS which was only covering from 9:30 – 10:30, which was the same time as leader speeches. Instead of a wrap at 10:30 it chose to play the scheduled Massive Moves documentary instead. Weird (although the title was an apt comment on the state of the nation).


Across the networks there were former pollies giving their opinions, live crosses to winners and losers, whiz-bang graphics from networks and social media tweets and instagrams.


Amongst the new members of parliament are Nine Ventures Managing Director David Coleman winning the seat of Banks for the Liberal Party. Former news presenter Sarah Henderson, who has worked for Seven, Nine, TEN, ABC and NITV, also won the country’s most marginal seat of Corangamite for Liberal.


As Nine crossed to Kevin Rudd’s base at the GABBA for his concession speech the big screens were watching ABC.

During Rudd’s marathon speech, he even said: “I saw SKY News just now saying we’re all gone including me. Anyway…”


When Nine crossed to the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney for Tony Abbott’s acceptance speech the big screens had SKY News.

One bloke tried to gatecrash Abbott’s family photo before security rushed him offstage.

There were also some off-script quotes and clangers.

Stephen Smith said: “Big Dick Adams is gonna be hard to dislodge, But I can tell you Big Dick is hard to dislodge from anything.”


On Seven, Senator Don Farrell was asked early in the evening who might next be ALP leader. But he refused to speculate.
Don Farrell: “Kevin Rudd is our leader….”
Barnaby Joyce: “And will be for the next 10 minutes!”


Also on Seven a live cross to Clive Palmer didn’t go too well, when Mark Riley tried some pressing questions.

Clive Palmer: “I tell you what mate. I’ve got more money than you could ever dream of.”

As the panel persisted, Palmer eventually ripped out his earpiece and walked off in a huff.


On SKY News a glum Bob Hawke said of the ALP: “They really have to have a good look at themselves. Because as the panel has noted earlier today, one of the outstanding features of tonight is the way they’ve been smashed.

He also said, “The values we established in the ALP in the 80’s and 90’s have been lost.”


Nine replaced its Shredder with a Sharknado-style pit called the Gurgler into which images of losing members were dumped.

Karl Stefanovic : That’s going to become a permanent fixture here at Channel Nine.
Lisa Wilkinson: “You shouldn’t laugh about that.”


At 9:16 Lisa Wilkinson declared Breaking News: “Tony Abbott is the new prime minister.”
Laurie Oakes: “I think we broke that weeks ago.”



On TEN Charlie Pickering joked: “Have the Wallabies done enough to save the furniture?”

But Steve Price said what we were all thinking.

“Jaymes Diaz is a dope!” he said.



  1. Flipped around all the channels and the footy on 7. Coverage on 9 was good apart from the shark tank and the endless social media comments. Thought their panelists were OK even Karl was reasonably subdued, but did not like Costello at all, he was arrogant and gloating. Usually prefer the ABC but this time was a bit disappointed with their coverage. Didn’t mind The Project’s coverage, but missed most of Seven’s coverage as it was on 72 in Adelaide and it was nearly over before I found out!

  2. i usually watch 7 for news so went straight to them, i actually really liked 7s graphics, clear and showed everything you needed to know and kept cycling (did 10 show anything at all?) however their pollie panel was crap, full of morons and heads stuck up asses. i honestly dont blame Palmer for walking, and it was the panel that made me channel flick only to find not much better.
    Cant stand karl, so didnt even try and watch 9, SKY was information overload, ABC was too boring. so we had 7 on mute and played a board game. really wasnt impressed with any of them.

  3. Clive Palmer is like Donald Trump. Both have the biggest egos and love to remind everyone how rich they are.

    Mark Riley is a respected journalist who was just doing his job.

    Palmer wants to be the next pm. Well guess what you have to deal with tricky questions

  4. I stuck mainly to the Project and switched to the ABC when they turned to someone I didn’t care for. I enjoyed the broadcast, but they seemed to have a real problem with offsite audio. I think next time they need to have a running gimmick. Not like Nine’s shark pool (and yeah, Antony Green’s VRliament was the ABC’s gimmick), something that keeps the audience informed and engaged and something that the presenters can turn to.

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