1. The whole Neighbours/Home and Away thing. You have to historically look at the shows. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, Neighbours could easily get 16-18 million viewers and Home and Away was slightly less at around 12-24 million. That is when the shows were on BBC1 and ITV. A recent week I looked at, Neighbours was between 850,000-1 million and Home and Away peaked at 790,000. Home grown soaps in the UK manage 6-8 million even in the multi-channel environment. Moving the shows to Channel 5 was a very bad move. So you can see why, in the eyes of a Brit, the shows are dead. They are not a part of pop culture in the UK like they once were.

    I do agree that Neighbours should never have been moved from Ten to 11. It is continually the highest rated multichannel show in Australia and I think that Ten has lost it’s anchor show for the evening… What Ten should do is replicate what some…

  2. I don’t see talent shows like X Factor, DWTS, etc are reality shows, I see them as variety television. Big Brother, dating, and cooking shows are reality.

  3. All free to air TV is rubbish these days and has been for a long time..specially shows like Big Bother & Dancing with the so called stars to name a couple..Why I swapped to Fox years ago..Much,much better selection..

  4. @ cronker: which site was the source, I would be interested. Perhaps that is why they are doing the UK storyline.
    As for H&A the ratings are over 900k, however they have been steadily declining. To put it into context, the 7pm timeslot has been rating lower more recently overall than in previous years. I know the Block stripped at 7 has been an exception at times.
    H&A has been competitive against BB and often wins its timeslot although the ABC news has been rating well in the last 2 years, more than it ever did previously. But that could be a rejection of Commercial news too, not a downward trend in H&A. It does well in the demos most nights. So I doubt 7 would replace it at the moment. Consistent offerings is their current theme.

  5. harrypotter1994

    Agreed with everyone that there wasn’t alot on last night..

    Went from Home and Away, then Recipe To Riches and then watched the 1st ep of Redfern Now, Mum hadn’t seen, seeing as though Leah Purcell is returning

  6. @cronker I don’t have any inside info but I’d suggest Home and Away’s ratings plus the contribution it makes to Channel 7’s drama points requirements would make it reasonably safe. What would they replace the points with?

    I know 10 are shooting Offspring series 5 now. They’d want to get Series 6 locked in as soon as they can. They should give serious consideration to moving Neighbours back to their primary channel even if only to provide a lead in or promotional opportunities.

  7. I agree, poida. I don’t see how DWTS can possibly be classed as a reality show. It features celebrities, some of whom are very well known, whereas reality shows tend to star ordinary members of the public who are an unknown quantity to the viewer. Yes, DWTS features a viewer vote component, but I would class DWTS as a variety show, definitely. Could someone more knowledgable than me explain whether or not DWTS is in fact a reality show?

  8. @Bogues – there is nothing else but reality shows a majority of the time at peak time viewing …… so the audience really doesnt have much choice, apart from foxtel, video, download or turn the tv off and read a good book …..

  9. Randwick: Care to explain why the top rating non-news shows on Seven and Nine were reality shows then? (Dancing with the Stars and Big Brother). Both outrated anything Ten had to offer.

  10. Interesting comments read over on a UK media site, which suggest that Home & Away is dead over there now.
    Same site also declared that it’s days are numbered over here, however I disputed this due to the 900k+ they seem to get regularly.
    Anyone know anything more about this?

  11. I put the TV on at 7, watched Big Brother and then Put a DVD on.

    There it truly almost nothing that interests me or that i haven’t already seen on the Tele at the moment.

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