Oops. Cameras catch Nine sports presenter in embarrassing moment.

Nine sports presenter Yvonne Sampson was watching a cricket match last week when Queensland fielder Chris Lynn was playing.

As the cameras closed in on her talking to friends, Sampson appeared to simulate a sex act.

That caused plenty of laughter from the commentary team and crew, leaving just about everybody speechless.

Sampson, who appears on the NRL Footy Show, has since told News Corp., “I was telling the story of how we were throwing mini Christmas trees in the studio one time when a cameraman was caught thrusting away on one.

”This is embarrassing.”

You think?


  1. Armchair Analyst

    I think this is funny, but it does point out that women are not that different from men when it comes to attempting to explain something. Both sexes at times end up explaining something stupid that someone else has done.

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