Returning: The New Normal

2013-10-07_1533The New Normal returns to ELEVEN this week.

“Rocky Bye Baby”
Despite being completely against having a baby shower, Bryan and David finally relent after seeing how much Shania, Goldie and especially Rocky want to throw one for them.

This is the first of the last six episodes after the show was cancelled in May.

9pm Friday 11th October on ELEVEN.


  1. Just went on their Facebook page and Foxtel said they don’t own the first run rights to New Girl… so Ten still has the rights to new seasons , no idea why they are showing ep 19 of Season1 on Friday rather than a new ep !

  2. carolemorrissey

    Oh no, it better not have been, I’m sick of shows I like going to Foxtel.

    Glad they’re going to show the last few episodes of New Normal.

  3. Should make it double episodes so they can burn it off quicker and then put double episodes of Ben and Kate on as well once run out of NN episodes.

    Any truth to the rumour that New Girl has been onsold to Foxtel hence why repeats on ELEVEN ?

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