MKR tops 2.1m viewers

2014-02-05_1015My Kitchen Rules last night hit another season high at 2.11m viewers as the most talked-about couple so far, Chloe and Kelly, were finally hosting a dinner event. In terms of scoring, they barely made it out of the kitchen alive.

The numbers reflect the show’s knack for casting, storytelling and promoting. Social media had plenty to say on the pair. But as the show moves to its second group of contestants tonight, don’t be surprised if Queensland starts to hog the conversation that was all going WA’s way until now.

It was double the numbers for The Block (1.03m viewers) while TEN’s Big Bash League scored 774,000 / 710,000 across two sessions, a good result for TEN.

TEN’s Big Bash continues tonight as the penultimate event before its final on Friday night, as a segue to its Winter Olympics season. But its upcoming Reality series So You Think You Can Dance Australia will have to face-off against a Sunday night edition of MKR and the first room reveal on The Block -neither of which will be a pushover.

Sunday is also the first official day of 2014 ratings. It’s gonna be a slap-down.


  1. Please tell me why MKR contestants do not do basic research on cookery terms (let alone techniques). Their first task is to buy groceries for an instant restaurant but few can pronounce even these simple words. There are no such words as “grosheries”, “reshront” or reshtront”??!! Keep it shimple shtoopids.

  2. I dipped in an out last night, but it would appear that once again the new WA couple have been elected to be the troublesome ones.

    I sort of watch MKR, but it would be much better if it wasn’t so long. It just goes on and on, with all the silly fatuous remarks by the particular ‘cooks’ for the evening telling us the bleeding obvious. The printed programs had it actually going for an hour last night, but oh no, it went for its usual hour and a half. I get totally bored with it, not to mention the never-ending commercial breaks.

    TV at the moment is just the pits.

  3. Of course hey didn’t get eliminated, they are the evil ones 7 will milk them before trashing them on the scrapheap.
    If you don’t like it then don’t watch, it seems 2 million plus people do.

  4. @Kushaa if this comment thing had like buttons I’d hit it one hundred times for your comment! TV is entertainment and like it or not MKR is entertaining (well, 2 million people think so anyway) so all the snooty snobs should stick to SBS/ABC or buy Discovery Channel and/or Nat Geo if they want “quality” programming… People love drama, and as long as it’s not them involved in it, even better! Seven must be so friggin happy about the amount of attention this show is getting them!!

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