NRL Footy Show adds Erin to the team

2014-02-23_0114In a big change to the NRL Footy Show team, presenter Erin Molan is being added as a full-time member of the panel.

She has been a regular contributor to the show for the last two years doing interviews, team changes and match previews.

The change is a significant shift from the male-bastion show, which begins its 21st season next week.

Executive producer Glenn Pallister told News Corp, “Erin’s insight & knowledge of the game combined with a wicked sense of humour makes her the perfect fit.”

Molan said, “It’s brilliant, I’m absolutely stoked.

“It’s nice to feel like I belong and I’m part of the family.

“I just want to work hard and prove myself. I love what I do and consider myself very lucky to have the job.

“Hopefully it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

The network has also signed up the Panthers’ new recruit Jamal Idris for regular appearances.


  1. I don’t mind Erin Molan on the Sunday Footy Show where she is more of a reporter than panellist, but her on the Thursday Footy Show as a panellist (where she was a contributor over the last 2 years) seems to irritate me some how. I hope she improves this year in this new role

  2. Rebecca Wilson was a terrible idea. She churned out article after article rubbishing the Footy Show and hosts then seem surprised she wasn’t welcomed by them

  3. Further to my earlier comment I did a bit of googling and found that it was Rebecca Wilson, who lasted for a single episode in 2005.

    I’m no fan of Ms Wilson (due to her disparaging attitude towards the round-ball game), but apparently she had a torrid time of it from her co-presenters during her all-too-brief stint on the Footy Show.

  4. Didn’t the NRL Footy Show do similar a few years ago? I recall there being a lot of criticism of the presenters’ blokey attitudes and so someone (I have no idea of the name – sorry!) was brought in to add some balance.

    I don’t watch either of the Footy Shows, but for some reason I saw the episode where the female presenter was introduced. It was patronising to the extreme, along the lines of “we’ve had a lot of complaints about us all being blokes, so here’s our new presenter. She’s a woman. Give her a chance…”.
    The other presenters didn’t seem to have a clue what to do when she was talking (so resorted to shuffling papers mainly); and the next time I tuned in, a few weeks later, she was gone.

    Nothing seems to have changed though, Sam Lane seems to be suffering similar treatment over on Seven’s AFL coverage.

  5. Now if only they would get rid of Michael Slater, who has absolutely no on-screen chemistry with the other panellists. Fatty in particular, looks annoyed every time Slater speaks.

  6. Another reason not to watch…Sorry I just can’t handle her squeaky voice.
    Good luck to her though. Nine seems to like female sports reporters at the moment.

  7. I can’t believe this rubbish is still on air. It doesn’t rate yet the reason the arrogant Gyngell won’t show games in HD is lost ratings. Get rid of this trash and your ratings will go up.

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