Returning: Person of Interest

2014-02-23_2256US crime series Person of Interest returns to Nine next week, now set to screen on Sunday nights.

It returns with Season 3, Episode 12 “Aletheia.”
Finch and Sam try to recover the Samaritan drives from where Arthur hid them, but Vigilance and Control’s team move in on them, cutting off their escape. Meanwhile, Control interrogates Root and gets unexpected answers.

9:40pm Sunday March 2nd on Nine.


  1. I’m only a viewer but I agree with you Pertinax about the lead in.

    Although I hope they do repeat it later on GEM from where they left off one day. I don’t automatically expect it however. I’m still very grateful for being able to watch it previously either way. That will never change.

  2. 9:45pm Sunday is back to where Nine started POI. Which was a mistake.

    This time it has a following and a good lead-in though.

    And still no sign of The Mentalist which they pulled when it was rating too well in Summer.

  3. Very suprised Nine are bringing it back so soon, a little unusual. My money is still banking on them not playing out the rest of the season in one place.

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