Million Dollar Minute turns talkback

2014-03-12_1015Seven will air a Melbourne-only edition of Million Dollar Minute on Sunday March 23 with radio 3AW personalities Ross Stevenson, John Burns and Tom Elliott.

The episode will see any prize money won  donated to their favourite charities.

Host of Million $ Minute, Simon Reeve, says “We’re turning the tables on the kings of radio’s airwaves as they’re normally used to asking the questions. They each have an impressive general knowledge so it’s a level playing field.”

3AW Breakfast host Ross Stevenson is raising prize money for The Children’s Protection Society and freely admits his chickens at home have a greater general knowledge than he does. “My entire life has been leading up to this… Million Dollar Minute is like the Olympics, it’s taking part that counts,” Ross says.

Playing for the James Macready-Bryan Foundation, Stevenson’s morning co-host John Burns remains confident that his competitors know even less than he does. “They don’t threaten me at all… I’ll just wing it.” John says.

Meanwhile 3AW Drive host Tom Elliott cites his younger age as his key strength and John Burns as his biggest rival. “John is like an iron fist in a velvet glove… Youth and a quick buzzer finger should stand me in good stead,” says Tom, who will be playing for the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

Sunday 23 March at 5.30pm on Channel Seven.


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