Bumped: Have You Been Paying Attention?

2014-02-17_2155TEN has at last decided to move Have You Been Paying Attention? from its Sunday night timeslot.

The show is out at 6pm this Sunday but will return after Easter in a late-night slot (hmm where has that been suggested?) and a new one-hour format described as “later, longer and definitely looser than ever before.”


“For us, later night feels like a more natural fit” said host Tom Gleisner. “This, coupled with changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, means we can now have a lot more fun with the week’s news”.

Working Dog’s Executive Producer Michael Hirsh adds: “Since starting the show we’ve come to realise that it’s better suited to later night. We’re delighted that TEN are giving us the opportunity to continue the show in a later slot.”

In February Gleisner told TV Tonight the show was lucky to have an open-ended run with the network.

“As I understand it there’s no end-date as such, but we know in television that nothing is a guarantee. As long as we don’t totally run the network off the rails I think they’re happy for us to chug along,” he said.

Modern Family will air this Sunday at 6pm.


  1. There’s a fair bit of gold that doesn’t end up on air. Filming goes roughly for 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours – many of it adult jokes too which deserve to go on air.
    An extended time and later time slot is great.

  2. SouthCoastSaint

    Good for them, but bummer for Master 9 and Master 12 – this is our Sunday Night sitdown and watch TV together as a family time. Guess they kids will be heading to Tenplay. Shows like this and Mad as Hell are encouraging my kids to get interested in the news.

  3. a big +1 for the likes here too!

    Absolutely love the show and it has me in stitches most of the time. As anything from Working Dog usually does.

    More than happy with a later timeslot and a 1 hour show – Bring it on!

  4. Tom spoke on Melbourne radio this morning and said it would air at 9:30pm but they weren’t sure on the night yet.
    So that’s good news, it could work on a Wednesday night with Offspring as the lead-in.

  5. Hopefully this stays on Sundays but moves to 10:30 after Graham Norton (wishful thinking, too late, I know). I usually watch the repeat and often quite enjoy bits of it so will miss it if it moves to a mid-week slot when I’m likely to forget about it.

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