Police contact lawyers for Packer, Gyngell.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 4.58.22 pm.jpgNSW Acting Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton held a press conference today confirming police have contacted legal representatives for James Packer and David Gyngell and are reviewing footage of their public Bondi brawl.

“We have had contact through a legal advisor indicating if they wish to indicate anything to us, to come and see us,” he said.

“We have made the approach.”

Investigators are reviewing the photos and video footage to ascertain whether charges will be laid, but the high profiles of the pair will not affect the investigation. The photographer who snapped the incident is reported to have surrendered the images, which News Corp bought for a hefty fee. Police noted they could not identify the men through News Corp watermarks.

“The investigators will work through … any material [as it] becomes available to them to assess and make a determination whether there is any offence disclosed in this matter,” he said.

Nine boss David Gyngell has accepted responsibility for initiating the brawl.

For James Packer, pursuing a casino licence in Japan, the incident will likely be unhelpful, while Nine Entertainment has a staff code of conduct about avoiding conflict between personal interests and the company.

Nine’s Chief Operating Officer Simon Kelly told News Corp David Gyngell has the full support of the board.

Source: ABC


  1. Maybe they should organise to have a paintball fight instead. Or water pistol fight. From a distance. Sorry feeling silly.

    I’ll admit News Corp sure know how to have over-the-top anti-advertising against themselves. But hey as long as their name is out there who cares if it is negative.

  2. @pahmer – News Corp need to get there monies worth! They will have it in the paper for weeks!

    Complete waste of police time in my opinion!
    So what, they had a fight. If it wasn’t on camera and wasnt 2 high profile people no one would care! Neither of them will press charges and I don’t believe the police have any right to press charges themselves……. Everyone just needs to move on.

  3. Not that I think the daily telegraph is key journalism, but a great two page spread with photos and a funny write up was the highlight of my day today about these two. Had a good belly laugh. it will get to the point very soon, I am sure where it will be so overcooked in the media that we wish people would stop writing about it and move on.

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