Oops. MasterChef spoils the top 3.

2014-07-24_2104Laura, Emelia and Brent are the final 3 still in the running for the title of MasterChef Australia 2014 after Jamie was sent home last night.

A pressure test saw Martin Benn from Sydney’s Sepia present an intricate dessert called chocolate forest floor. Emelia, Brent and Jamie had 3 hours to replicate the dish. But when it came down to who had plated the better sorbet, chocolate mousse and tempered chocolate, Jamie’s chocolate wasn’t tempered and his lavender cream was split.

The 26 year old from New South Wales was sent home, just shy of the series’ semi-final.

But the show slipped up revealing its outcome earlier on its Facebook page, which was later deleted before the episode began.

“Kylie Kwong, Curtis Stone and Gary Mehigan will cook off against Emelia, Brent and Laura in a special professionals versus contestants challenge in our MasterClass episode!” it told fans.


– Chris Davin I REFUSE to watch tonight thanks to this Facebook page spoiling the outcome earlier. And it took you 30 mins to delete. Disgrace


  1. Being in WA I make a point of staying away from social media if I’m watching these types of shows. However to date, I’ve not noticed Masterchef has spoiled anything for us here in the west.

    As for the winner, I agree with Sairy.James. Laura will more than likely win because she’s the cutie and the camera loves her. I’m not saying she’s not a good cook (which she obviously is BTW) but I hope it does go to the best cook. MC has got it right this year by not turning it into a soap opera like TBL and MKR have done.

  2. jezza the first original one

    Emelia just has well placed condfidence, she knows when she has done well and when not so good. Jamie also knows his own strengths and weaknesses. Neither are up themselves.
    I hope to hell mc have not filmed 2 endings, how can you capture the spontaneous reaction of realising such a huge win and career opportunities when you film both finalists winning….it is just fake tv and Not reality

  3. If you were eagle eyed during the “coming up” promos you could tell who the three were before it was announced.
    I’ve never worried about spoilers on theses sort of shows though, because it doesn’t really effect my viewing of it the way it would for a Drama.

    I think Laura will win, not because she’s the best, but the judges love her and the producers know she’ll sell cookbooks.

  4. Jamie was self deprecating but Emelia is just plain smug. She even gets called Smug Emelia on Fairfax Media….
    I think (and hope) that Brent will win.

  5. All said and done I was very happy he went home. Simple way of saying it, I don’t have to like him as he likes himself more than enough!

  6. Moral of the story – get off Facebook and get into the real world, then there would be no spoilers to upset your television viewing 🙂

  7. How many times have they released spoilers before episodes have aired, 3-4 times? 1 time I could understand, but with a few promos on TV doing the same thing there really is no excuse. Poor form for Shine who I assume take care of the Masterchef facebook page. Doesn’t seem to have affected the ratings though.

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