Report: Foxtel preparing to cut prices

2013-10-18_1317According to media reports, Foxtel is set to drop its subscription rates to under the $100 mark as the battle for content options heats up.

Fairfax speculates that bundles for “triple play” Foxtel – pay TV, broadband and telephone – will be structured to cut the price of a traditional premium Foxtel subscription to below $100.

There is also speculation it will offer more options to pay for Foxtel shows on different devices plus a major refresh of its main channels.

While Netflix is yet to confirm an Australian launch, the content war is on with other players including FetchTV, Quickflix and upcoming launches from FreeviewPlus, StreamCo and an increasing number of Australians sourcing overseas subscriptions through Virtual Private Networks.

Foxtel has recently cut its Presto fees in half to $10 a month.

A spokesman for Foxtel said: “Foxtel has previously announced we would launch a triple play of TV, broadband and home phone. We are gearing up within the company to launch these new products. That includes hiring significant numbers of call centre and technical staff.

“We will also be launching iQ3. Both of these initiatives will be supported by significant marketing campaigns. We’ll be making announcements about pricing of the new box and the triple play bundles in due course.”

TV Tonight understands the iQ3 is tipped for a November campaign.


  1. Foxrel should never have charged so much in the first place, you still get so many repeats and so many ads which is exactly the same as the free to air, they are making money which ever way they turn, because Foxtel are getting money from the ads then they should not charge the public very much to have the other benefits.

  2. A few years ago I moved into a newly built house and couldn’t get foxtel via a satellite dish (banned by covenant) The only option was phone line and as I didn’t want a fixed phone line I let it slide after 15 years with Foxtel. After a few weeks I realised I didn’t miss it at all. There are many ways to watch other programming and I saved myself $120 a month.

  3. Hope this happens, with all the boxes ticked you can be paying over $140 per month right now.

    I wish they would give loyalty discounts, especially those of use who have have Austar/Foxtel for over 10 years.

  4. Well that’s great for people who are bundling all three – what about the rest of us? I don’t have a home phone (due to Telstra connection dramas) and broadband is not available at this time in my area (apparently a black spot). I’ve been a Foxtel customer for 8 years, we currently have the top package, would be great if they decided to reward all loyal customers, not just some.

  5. Same issue Jake and others, loyal customer for almost 10 years and even getting a new box will cost $$. Such a shame they only treat new customers with any kind of reward.

  6. Yes Jake and Dalmanic been considering iq 2 upgrade for a while was going to do it before putting subscription on hiatus for summer. Come on Foxtel give your existing customers a free upgrade.

  7. It would be nice if they allowed existing customers to upgrade their iQs without having to pay the installation and service fees.

    We have the regular iQ and have been considering upgrading to the HD package, but you pay your entire monthly bill again just for the new box, so it’s just not worth it. No loyalty to a 10+ year customer.

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