Returning: Archer


Season 5 of animated series Archer begins on ABC2 next week.

According to Wikipedia, “The season transitions to a new format, moving away from revolving around a spy agency (after it is revealed ISIS was never sanctioned by the U.S. government), to depicting the characters embarking on a life of crime as they attempt to sell cocaine.”

There are 13 episodes this season, which premiered in the US in January 2014 followed by Season 6 earlier this year.

“White Elephant”
Someone dies. Someone who has been with the crew from the beginning. And then things get crazy.

10:05pm Tuesday ABC2.


  1. They retitled the show Archer Vice, due to ISIS becoming unusable. They get kicked out of the intelligence business with only a ton of cocaine to their names, which they attempt to sell in a Miami Vice satire.

    In S6 they are doing contract off the books missions for Slater of the CIA. And they set up S7 for another reboot.

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