Awww… Game of Thrones may be late April


Usually Game of Thrones begins in late March or early April each year, but it may be a few weeks later next year.

HBO has announced February premiere dates for Martin Scorsese’s 70s drama Vinyl, along with the return of Girls and Togetherness.

EW is suggesting if all three shows ran for 10 weeks straight that Game of Thrones couldn’t return in early April, presuming it sticks with its original programming as Sunday scheduling.

“So we’re looking at late April at the very earliest. In theory, the show could return April 17 if it was paired with the winter comedies for two weeks, but only if HBO decided to no longer air Thrones with fellow Emmy favorites Silicon Valley and Veep for the start of its run – something the network has done the past two years. It’s more likely HBO will want its spring drama and comedies in sync, and use its premieres to cross promote each other like usual,” it notes.

Looks like those Jon Snow rumours will be with us for some time.


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