Airdate: No Offence


Next week ABC begins a new UK comedy-drama, No Offence, about cops who must crack the case of a twisted serial killer – by whatever unconventional means possible.

This was created by Paul Abbott (Shameless) and aired in the UK last May. It has been renewed for a second season.

Set in a crumbling cop shop on the wrong side of Manchester, crime drama No Offence follows a group of police on the front line, wondering what they did to end up here, in this force, on this side of town.

Drug labs, arsonists, neo-Nazis and notorious murderers are all in a day’s work for this close-knit team, led by the dizzyingly capable but unquestionably unhinged DI Vivienne Deering. But when a particularly twisted serial killer emerges it leaves even the most hardened of these seasoned coppers reeling.

Flanked by her right-hand women – the compassionate but impulsive DC Dinah Kowalska and the recently (surprisingly) promoted DS Joy Freers – Deering and her team must crack this case by whatever unconventional means possible. Because amidst all the assorted low lives; the pimps, the petty thieves, and downright nasty bastards they’ve dealt with, this will be their most disturbing case yet, one that will touch their lives in ways they could never expect.

Thursday 11 February, 9:30pm on ABC.


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