Feud, new anthology series for Ryan Murphy.


Acclaimed US creator Ryan Murphy has a new anthology series in the pipeline, titled Feud.

FX has given a straight-to-series order for eight episodes order with the first instalment surrounding the backstage battle between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis during the “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” era.

Susan Sarandon will play Davis and Jessica Lange will portray Crawford.

Alfred Molina will play the film’s director Robert Aldrich; Stanley Tucci will play studio titan Jack Warner; Judy Davis will play gossip columnist Hedda Hopper; and Dominic Burgess will play Crawford and Davis’ co-star Victor Buono.

Brad Pitt will serve as an executive producer with Murphy and Dede Gardner with Sarandon and Lange producing. Murphy will direct several episodes. The pilot is based on the script “Best Actress” by Jaffe Cohen and Michael Zam.

Feud, which will feature a different battle each season, marks the third anthology series for Ryan Murphy following American Horror Story and American Crime Story, and also joins Scream Queens as a current project.

Source: Variety


  1. When Joan Crawford died, the story goes that Bette was asked for a comment.She replied: “They say you should only speak good of the dead: she’s dead…good!”

  2. both great actresses but i can’t see it working as they are already famous in their own right, sometimes takes unknowns to pull it off….

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