A peek at Undressed format, coming to SBS.

Clips contain semi-nudity.

Brash dating series Undressed is about to premiere in the UK on TLC, and the promos give us a first hint at what we might expect when an Australian version airs on SBS.

In case you’d missed it,¬†Undressed involves strangers stripping to underwear before hopping into bed to get to know one another. For real.

The UK format includes receiving directions on a video wall, including simulating dexterous yoga positions. By the end they will decide if they want another date or not.

SBS assures that the Australian series, to be produced by Screentime, will include diverse participants in age, ethnicity and sexuality.

No premiere date as yet, and no need to throw on your best frock either.



  1. The continuing irrelevance of SBS is becoming criminal as the ABC continues to suffer from continuing funding cuts.Time for SBS to be closed down, it has had its day.

      • ‘Diversity? Hmm, yep, tick box’. Unfortunately, I think that was all that was needed to meet the charter. There should be more stringent rules or checks to stop SBS commissioning this rubbish. As for the cuts argument, definitely.

      • My line of thinking is – when the Treasurer has to justify further cuts to SBS $$$$$ he can pull out a page-print of this and suggest “because this is what they’re spending it on”. One just has to go through televisionau.com/classic-tv-guides to see what SBS used to be, and how it has morphed into irrelevance.
        SBS Charter – (1) The principal function of SBS is to provide multilingual and multicultural radio, television and digital media services that inform, educate and entertain all Australians and, in doing so, reflect Australia’s multicultural society.

        • From what we know it will tick the multicultural aspects (culture = more than ethnicity) but not every multicultural show is necessarily a good one. I had big problems with aspects of Kebab Kings for example. We should wait for the finished product but the signs are concerning.

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