Returning: The Flash


Season 3 of The Flash will air -appropriately- Express from the US in early October.

Premiering at 7.30pm Wednesday October 5, it will air same day as the US.

This season sees Keiynan Lonsdale return as Wally West / Kid Flash while Todd Lasance will also appear

All your favourite FOX8 heroes are back, express from the US! In what is set to be an epic event, all our loved superheroes will cross into each other’s worlds throughout the new seasons! The Flash last season ended with the epic clash between Zoom and The Flash with a plot twisting cliff hanger, where Flash Prime sacrifices himself and killing Zoom! If that wasn’t enough, The Flash unexpectedly said farewell to his love Iris, to endeavour on a mission to save his mother by killing Reverse Flash, altering the timeline, and undoing everything that happened in Season 2! Season 3 is set to be a game changer, where Zoom could still be alive, Cisco could be running STAR Labs, Iris might not know who Barry is, and if Flashpoint happens, Barry will be the only one, who knows that fate has been changed!


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