Bumped: Survivor (US)


This is frustrating….

Nine has bumped Survivor out to an 11pm start next Thursday after just 2 outings.

After multiple fast-tracked seasons early evening on GO! fans weren’t happy it was pushed to a later start on Nine this season -largely due to Nine hopping to piggyback on the interest in Australian Survivor.

Last night it screened at 9:40pm but only drew 260,000 which is clearly too low for the timeslot.

Nine is now pushing it out to 11pm, replacing it with a repeat of The William Shatner Roast at 9:30pm next week. It is the third timeslot in 3 weeks.

For fans not keen to wait up, episodes are due to be available on 9Now from 3pm each Thursday. Get onto it.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the 3pm availability on 9now – I will definitely be watching that next week. But it’d be easier to just watch on TV. Unfortunately I only just read that now, at 11:35pm, when it is about to air on channel 9. I just wanted to join the chorus asking why the hell they didn’t just leave it on GO! at a 9:30pm timeslot? I never had any issue with that, and it worked well without issue. If it ain’t broke… Seriously, why change it? 9 obviously wanted to hop on the back of the success of the Aussie version, but I don’t see how airing it after 11pm on channel 9 every week is doing anyone at all any favours.

    I admit I am addicted to the show and couldn’t go to sleep before an episode airs if I wanted to, so I’m staying up until 12:30pm tonight to see it, and am going to feel like a corpse tomorrow at work… as I have the last few weeks. Thanks channel 9!…

  2. Week 1 of U.S. Survivor was where they stuffed up. Die hard fans are aware when a new season is about to screen in the U.S. and begin searching for it in program guides. It was only through this site that I was able to find out when it was screening (a week late) and then shared that info via Facebook with friends who also watch. Last week – again thanks to you – I watched it on 9Now on my iPad in the early evening. There is no way I want to risk finding out anything online before I watched an episode. I’m loving both the U.S. and Oz versions. Please Channel 9 – just commit to giving Survivor and it’s loyal fans a fair go whether it’s on Go! or 9 HD – no ridiculous timeslots. It’s hard enough to avoid spoilers.

  3. Don’t the timeshift figures show a different story? Everyone I know who watches it, is recording to watch the next day or saving for when Survivor Aus finishes.

    • For those Timeshifted viewers, Nine might as well as just screen it at 3am and you can all watch it in your own time? Timeshifted viewers aren’t going to save a show from being bumped later in the night…

  4. Well they f-ed up the first episode by playing it a week late and after Footy shows meaning it started 30 minutes late so those of us who record it missed part of it if we didn’t record hours of Nine just in case – what did they expect with ratings. While I was appreciative of it being on Nine in HD this is typical Nine BS with Survivor and agree with everyone it should have simply been on GO! earlier hours after the US in the first place. I’ll put up with no HD and watch it when I want on the night of 9now and hope for the best – not waiting till midnight.

  5. Oh haiiiiii!!

    Remember when Nein did this with the other season? And the season before that? Remember that other year too?

    I’m not surprised and I can tell you I’m greatful for Apple TV! Even paying for it, no wonder the networks are going down the drain!

  6. Survivor overload. 3 episodes of Australian Survivor most weeks, plus the US version is now too much.

    We are recording the US version to watch after the Australian version completes.

  7. In Tassie, we had new eps of 2 Broke Girls (10.30-11.30) followed by a new ep of Ground Floor (11.30-midnight). Are these both now out of the schedule?

  8. A repeat of some show before a new episode of another show. Are they kidding?????

    Freaking put it back on go at 7:30 with correct advertising of hours before us.

  9. Not surprised by Nine’s programming. However, the reason I’m not watching is because I want to wait for Australian Survivor to wrap. I have no interest in watching the two concurrently.

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