Gone: James Franco Roast


Nine has opted not to air a planned James Franco Roast this Thursday night, presumably after unspectacular numbers for the Donald Trump Roast last week.

It will now replay the 2009 movie The Hangover.

Sadly that pushes Survivor back to an 11:30pm start. I’ve lost count of how many different starting times the show has had this season.

I believe it is still available mid-arvo on 9Now.


  1. Channel 9 needs to get it’s act together & put Survivor back on Go at 8.30. This is ridiculous fast tracking it but putting it on too late for people to watch it. They only have junk on at 8.30 & Go is showing old movies.

  2. The multiple US Survivor changes has to be programming blunder of the year. I’ll make a note for the Annual Survey. (Or maybe all the Aussie dramas being scheduled against each other…)

  3. Had a good chance to capitalise on the potential of curious newcomers after the Oz version and squandered it magnificently out-of-the-gate, a delayed launch, late night timeslot…kudos channel nein.

  4. The Things I've Seen.

    Not cool channel 9 not cool. Please just put it back on 9Go. It was better there, none of this pushing it around. If you want us viewers to stop watching it on-line from U.S sites, you need to treat us with respect.

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