Bumped: Survivor (US)


Belated but good news for fans of Survivor (US) which is finally moving to a respectable timeslot next week.

It is moving from 10:45pm to 7:30pm on GO! from Thursday December 1st.

There are still around half a dozen episodes remaining in the current season, which should wrap the week before Christmas.

Better late than never? ¬†Oh wait, that was the show that got in the way…


  1. It would be nice to know these things prior to them actually being moved and not after!!!
    Could not find this at all last night on tv. A bit of warning would be great thanks channel 9!!

    • The time it shows doesn’t worry me as I record it to watch later…I would just prefer it was in HD.

      Can’t keep everyone happy I suppose. :-/

      Will have to check the video quality of it on 9Now on Telstra TV and might watch it there.

      • I agree, I would rather it be later because it is less likely to clash with something else. I record everything and I never watch anything live so what time something is on only concerns me if my full recording schedule is unable to accommodate it on one of my three twin tuner DVD recorders, which is less likely at a later time slot.

        • Three twin tuner recorders? You mean you can actually find times on FTA TV these days where there’s enough interesting content to record 6 shows at once?

          Between Foxtel IQ2, TIVO and my LG, I can record 6 at once and even watch a 7th channel live if need be but the last time I had to use all 3 was years ago – these days maybe 3 shows at once, but not often like it used to be… just not enough of interest anymore (and that’s both Foxtel and FTA).

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