Nine denies Karl is quitting Today


Nine has denied a magazine article suggesting Karl Stefanovic is quitting Today.

“Karl is definitely on Today in 2017, alongside the team who have had such a successful year in 2016,” a spokesperson told the Daily Telegraph.

New Idea claimed “Putting his work commitments on hold, newly single Karl Stefanovic has made the shocking decision to turn his back on Today and head to the US.”

It suggests, Stefanovic is “rushing through plans to leave Australia and head to the States, where 
he intends to keep a low profile before returning early next year.” Which sounds like holiday to me. But the front cover declares, “It’s Official. Karl Quits.”

Meanwhile Woman’s Day also weighs in on his personal life, following his marriage split.

Stefanovic will soon take summer leave from the show. He also hosts This Time Next Year for Nine in 2017.



  1. Mr game show fan

    Isn’t New Idea affiliated with Channel 7?
    If this is the case that explains the false story of Karl quitting.

    Can the TV networks stop the pissing contest?

    • Mr game show fan

      Is this story by New Idea considered false advertising or just puffery?

  2. I had a weird dream last night….. was at a work conference which was somehow TV related and ended up in a alleyway with Karl… we had both had a few drinks and he told me he had been sacked, he was ok with it as was Lisa…. we had a few drinks together then realised we had nothing in common and said goodbye to each other. Gotta stop that late night cheese !

  3. They wonder why magazine sales are declining! Because when you fill it with back to back fantasy thats debunked before anyone can even read it, who would buy it? Karl has been “leaving the Today show” for years and yet he continues to host it. Thats what a contract does. Funny that…

  4. To sell magazines, editors and so-called ‘journalists’ make up stories and force feed them to the gullible women who buy this trash. Beats me how they sleep straight in bed at night. New Idea is the worst but Woman’s Day is not far behind.

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