Nine may sue over magazine “lies”


Nine is consulting lawyers over the women’s magazines following continued publication regarding Today host Karl Stefanovic.

Darren Wick, Nine’s Director of News and Current Affairs, said, “This very personal campaign is being prosecuted by weekly women’s magazines running fictitious and damaging articles about Karl Stefanovic that are without any foundation of fact. At best, this is lazy and reckless reporting. At worst, there is a case that this campaign is designed to damage not only his reputation but our business as well and we no longer intend to tolerate these lies.

“Nine has instructed Mark O’Brien, one of Australia’s most experienced media and defamation lawyers, to act on Karl and Nine’s behalf in this matter and take the necessary steps to defend his reputation against the endless fabrications,” he told Nine’s women’s site 9Honey.

Earlier today New Idea published a story that Stefanovic was quitting Today whilst Woman’s Day also published an article on his personal life.

Last week co-star Lisa Wilkinson told Mamma Mia, a lot of lies were being published.

“There’s human beings involved here,” she said, referring to Stefanovic’s children with estranged wife Cassie Thorburn.

Stefanovic will soon begin a summer break from Today following the end of survey ratings.



  1. Yes it is a media beat up! These are trashy shows and mags which have a following! In this day and age they need to keep doing this! No other option! Its about $$$$! But if its not a beat up then this shows that if ur wealthy & white u can sue if ur not than u can’t or if u can then there will be people against umwhen u do!

  2. They won’t sue. They re just playing the game. Keep the publicity going. Keep Karls name in the media. Poor, poor Karl. They are all picking on him. May even help the ratings. From the network that brought you the 60 Minutes kidnapping.

    • I’m with you Kirk, I don’t understand why they are making such a fuss about it. The magazines as well as the morning shows themselves often spread gossip that is unfounded, who cares really what they say about Karl? Real people are always involved but that has never seemed to bother anyone before.

      • Certainly the morning shows have weighed in on celebrity marriages, so I agree they must expect some coverage regarding one of their own. I’m not convinced any of them have manufactured lies per se, which appears to be the grievance here. I think it’s more a case of them re-reporting in the case of speculation, rather than creating.

    • Mr game show fan

      Maybe the lawyers breaks coincide with the end of the ratings season.

      The lawyers will surely be back working early on in the 2017 ratings season.

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