Oops. “We can’t actually see what we’re putting to air.”

It was a “supermoon studio meltdown” at Studio 10 yesterday when technical issues sent monitors black and threw a control room into darkness.

According to producer Rob McKnight it was what could only be described as a “brown trouser” moment.

“What can you do? But the team handled it very, very well,” he told TV Tonight.


  1. Mr game show fan

    How long did this technical problem go for? Did it go for the whole of Studio 10’s show yesterday, was it only a little bit longer than this video or was it sometime in between?

  2. Smartphones and Tenplay to the rescue? Can’t blame it on the moon, my local Myer store traded in darkness for several hours last week with only the checkouts illuminated. Stock would have “walked out the door” if only the doors would open.

  3. It was pretty funny. I must say though Sandra Sully did very well with no autocue goes to show experience goes along way. I’ve seen some presenters crack without an autocue including sports reporters here in Adelaide!

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