Bumped: Chicago Med

It’s only taken 2 episodes for Nine to move Chicago Med in its schedule, showing little patience for allowing the new show to find an audience.

Next week it moves from an 8:30pm timeslot to 9:40pm.

I’m not sure the show had much promotion, so it’s 339,000 numbers this week were not surprising. I was looking to offer a review but Nine didn’t make anything available in its media hub. This needs a rethink….

How long until it lands on GEM?

Next week Nine screens the special Britain’s Biggest Superyachts: Chasing Perfection in its place.

Sunseeker has been hand-building customised boats for the world’s super-rich for 50 years. We take a rare behind the scenes look at their extraordinary production line and into the world of the multimillionaire’s favourite plaything.


  1. I consider Med to be the weakest of the 3 Chicago’s having watched every episode of all 3 shows. On the plus side I think that the upcoming Chicago Justice is going to be excellent it has a strong cast and proven team behind it. I think the biggest problem with Med is its cast which other than the 2 veterans is comparatively weak.

  2. Given that it’s sister-shows are exclusive to Foxtel, it’s weird that they would pick this up anyway. Anyone who hasn’t seen Chicago Fire/P.D. might get lost in their crossovers. In any event, as always I’ll wait til it’s out on DVD – I just hope Nine pushes through the season so it can be released on home media.

    • 7 has the 2nd run rights to chicago fire. 7 are currently airing season 4. Chicago pd airs on the universal channel which is also available on the fetch entertainment package if you choose to subscribe. Therefore neither is exclusive to foxtel.

    • Well I must not be in my right mind as I am looking forward to this, but then again I loved the series Superships, and I am really passionate about a certain class of boats which I have written a best seller about.

  3. I enjoyed Chicago Med this week, at this stage the characters as a whole seem way less annoying than some from Chicago Fire. It is unnerving that any new summer show ends up being bumped after just two weeks. I guess at least nine have given us new summer shows to check out with Chicago Med and Kevin Can Wait, the other commercial networks gave us none.

  4. It was frantically promoted during the cricket, reminiscent of the great show, tragically cut short “Forever” a couple of seasons ago, so if it didn’t start well I don’t blame them for shifting it.

    I tried the first episode and it didn’t interest me. Why can’t someone start repeats of ER from the beginning. That is something I would certainly watch.

  5. Well who didn’t see this one coming! I knew Nine would screw people over with this, good thing I don’t watch Nine all. They should move all their first run US drama content to GEM and build that channel as a drama channel, not a channel of ABC reruns.

  6. Giving myself a severe kicking….but I really liked this show…
    So should have know better than to trust Nine…they got me in a weak moment…
    Not bothering anymore though…they are bound to do more shuffling and I ain’t going to do the shuffle with ’em…*cranky face*

  7. This is why I did not watch. Enjoying netflix at the moment. Free to air not required. Just finished season 2 good witch and started season 2 of fuller house. Would have watched this if it was on netflix. Doesn’t help its so far behind and important eps involved in crossovers on other chicago shows have aired.

  8. Why the networks bother playing new US dramas is beyond me, when they just land up bumped to late night timeslots, shoved to a secondary channel, or dropped altogether. It seems the fate of rating Australian television is news and reality TV, which is just sad. No womder I watch so little FTA anymore. I just don’t trust the networks to play out their dramas anymore. I’d rather wait till they land on one of the streamers, or just not bother at all and save myself time nd frustration.

  9. No surprises, will now be buying from the US so I can keep up with the other Chicago series. Too hard to chase crossovers around iTunes and 3 FTA channels.

  10. Armchair Analyst

    U reap what u soe . commercial FTA networks have become lazy over time! They don’t like or want to do any work on shows that need work in promotion or scheduling and have little patience!

  11. New show, really enjoying it, 2 weeks in, the bump to a later time slot. No wonder more people are switching to streaming services. It’s the only way to watch a complete series!

  12. This is just new fta norm . Screw the viewe. Life in Pieces on ten is a classic of shoving what I consider a good show all across the schedule rather then picking the right time slot to start with and see if it resonates .. whereas The Grinder on eleven got one consistent time slot . thank god for series link on foxtel

    • Grinder was bumped from its initial slot to a dead end Friday one,. but has stayed there since-obvious that 9 had little faith in the CM series, starting it in Summer non ratings-if it had been a hit (always difficult to tell what will be these days) then they may have pulled it for ratings next year or built it up for the next season in 2017.

  13. And they wonder why people don’t watch US dramas on FTA these days. Little promotion, then chop and change, follow it up and down and sideways through the schedule. Ridiculous.

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