Sunday Night: Dec 11

Sunday Night looks back on previous stories this weekend, including an interview with Colin Hay.

It was a Tuesday morning a little over two years ago when Glen Turner left home for work. He would
never return, the victim of a brutal act of revenge and murder. On an isolated road in the Australian bush, the father-of-two was killed simply for doing his job. On that day, Glen was investigating a wealthy and powerful farmer who had been caught continually breaking the law. In doing so, he made a very dangerous enemy. Glen’s colleague and the sole witness to the senseless murder recounts the last
terrifying moments of his mate’s life – a bloody showdown that’s left an entire community shattered.

Man at Work
It became the raucous, cocky theme song for one of Australia’s greatest ever sporting achievements and a people’s choice national anthem that was heard loud and proud around the world. By the time Down
Under was blaring out as the battle song for Australia’s America’s Cup challenge at Newport, Rhode Island in 1983, it had already dominated international charts and made a band called Men at Work one of our biggest global acts. Down Under was the first of a string of hits. The Men won a coveted Grammy award, and sold millions of albums. Now, 35 years after Down Under’s release, founding member and lead singer Colin Hay looks back at the heady highs and heartbreaking lows of an epic musical journey. Sunday Night hits the road with Colin in the US where there’s still great affection for him, his old band and their music.

Sunday at 7.00pm on Seven.

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