Auditions: Undressed

SBS is set to renew its controversial dating show Undressed for a second season.

The show is currently scouring for new participants for new 2017 episodes.

“Are you ready to let go of all of the inhibitions that might stand in the way of finding your soul mate…,” a casting notice asks.

“Are you brave enough to undress down to your underwear in front of someone you have only just met…. Is it your time to fall in love?”

Applications close March 30.


    • No. You only need to cast diversely to really be on charter. I’m still confused… why do people need to undress to find a potential date, and if that’s the show’s premise why are they not naked? Maybe they should all go to the beach.

  1. Only the most prudish of people could regard this show as controversial. I actually respect how they’ve executed it. They have cast really well and made diversity quite normal with a fair balance of straight-laced couples that most would regard as ‘normal’ who are still interesting. SBS pleasantly surprised me with how good a job they’ve done with it.

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